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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Lesbian Movie Matrix

The moon stared down at us from the sky above. Watching if it knew where we were going and why. A smile formed on my face as my breathing came out in gasps. My heart beat erratically and my body trembled in anticipation of what I knew was going to happen. Then we were there.
The bonfires had already been lit, their flames flickering wildly around the dancers that took their positions around as we walked up in our festival costumes. Erotic music began wafting through the air, my body eager to sway with the rhythm of it. My friend stood by my side, looking at me in a way that was meant to remind me of what I had been told. The hours we had spent, she was the teacher and I was the student.
She motioned for me to sit and watch. The dancers were now moving in earnest, their bodies arching and swaying to the music. My eyes were glued to their performance, and I felt a familiar heat spread through my body. My tongue slipped between my lips to moisten them and I squirmed on the blanket. My friend caught my eye and winked. Her hand gently caressed my thigh and began its ascent upward. I stretched out my legs to accommodate her, not caring if anyone was watching.
Her fingertips grazed lightly across my lace-covered center, teasing me by drawing a figure eight pattern over and over again. A sigh escaped my lips and I eased back onto my elbows. Lifting the edge, she slipped a finger inside to feel the wetness that was pooling between my spread thighs. I moaned as her finger found my clit and began making circles around it. Panting and writhing as I felt the first wave of passion overtake my body. I closed my eyes and enjoyed every second of my climax. Not even noticing my panties being pulled off. A pair of lips lightly kissed my pussy before delving into it with their tongue. A laugh escaped my lips.
My friend and I had done this kind of play so many times...but something felt different. The lips seemed firmer. I raised my body up half way and opened my eyes. A man stared up at me, and I stared transfixed as he devoured my wetness. His tongue slipped up inside of me and I feel back against the blanket, trembling as his tongue thrust in and out of me. His hand splayed across my pelvic bone, and his thumb found my clit, rubbing it as his tongue played inside of me. I was about to cum. I must’ve said it out loud, because he rose up and with one swift motion, he was buried inside of me.
Grabbing my legs and holding them against his chest, he moved within me. My hand slipped between my legs, rubbing my button as he slid in and out of me. I turned my head to gaze at my friend and moaned in pleasure. Her dress was bunched around her waist, her fingers pushing madly in and out. Her body began to shake her eyes never leaving mine, her orgasm causing my own. My muscles tightened and convulsed around the hard cock that was buried within juices covering it like lava. I felt his climax within the very depths of my soul, flooding me with warm sticky liquid. He let my legs drop to the ground and leaned forward to brush my lips with a kiss...then he was gone.
I lay there for a moment, part of me not believing what just happened, the other part basking in the aftermath. I turned to my best friend, and we both laughed, and then got dressed. Noticing that there was no longer anyone around us, we folded up the blanket and headed home. We knew we would never forget this experience...and I secretly wished for more.

It was a long drive... Terri was tired, hungry and felt she needed a shower desperately. I had dinner all ready for her and all I had to do was drop the pasta in the boiling water.
I kissed her hello and pointed her toward the bathroom where her towel and scented soap were waiting for her. "Let me know when you're ready for your back to be washed," I told her.
"Ok," she said. I could tell she was drained.
I went and busied myself in the kitchen, anxiously waiting to see her wet, naked body. Table set, candles lit, the salads waiting for dressing. What to do, what to do?
I couldn't stand it any longer. I went into the bathroom, the scent of her soap assailing my nostrils. "Ready for me yet?" I asked.
I opened the curtain and reached for the soapy cloth as she turned her back to me. The sight of her naked body made it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. Gently, at first, I soaped up her back, then applied a little more pressure, giving her a good back scrubbing. Her back washed, I didn't want to stop touching her. "If you'll turn around, I'll wash your front too," I said sheepishly. With a grin on her face, she turned to face me.
She looked past me to the opened curtain, "You're getting your floor all wet, Honey".

Friday, July 15, 2005

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A Remarkable Experience Ch. 2
Molly and I (I am Brooke), after she finished her dance recital that still sends shivers up my spine today got into my car. Molly had changed into skin tight knee length blue skirt and a white silk blouse which promoted her I am young innocent and tantalizing and you want to fuck me look. Which of course I did. When we in the car Molly and I talked for awhile about how her dance had turned me on and everything else that we were thinking about.
Finally I suggested that we go back to my place and I would make her that dinner I promised. The car ride took about 30 min, but neither of us minded. I had turned the AC up all the way claiming that I was burning up, when actually I was comfortable. By doing that Molly's breasts started to become nipply. And her nipples became rock hard and erect and showed through her strategically planned silk white blouse. About 5 min. into the ride Molly had picked up my right had from my thigh and started to run her delicate fingers over the outline and veins of my hand.
She then placed my hand onto her knee and slowly slid it up her thigh. She let go of my hand mid thigh to let me determine if I wanted this to carry on or not. I of course slowly slid my hand up her milky white thigh caressing it as I went along. Every inch or so Molly would let out a passionate moan that made my heart jump. Finally I had reached her lingerie. It was silk and lacey, but that's all I could determine, because I was still driving and I didn't want to crash the car. So I slid my fingers underneath her underwear and slowly moved my fingers up and down across her mound and finally separated her lips. My hand gently found her clit and started massaging it in circular motions, by now Molly was pumping her hips to my motions and grabbing onto the hand rest. Molly propped her feet onto the dash and spread her legs apart to give me more room to work. Finally I moved my middle finger down to her drenched pussy and slowly slid it in. Molly let out a howl of ecstasy.
I could tell by just a few pumps and Molly would be over the top. I had now noticed that Molly had unbuttoned her silk blouse and was fondling her breasts. That sight alone made me want to cum on the spot. SO instinctively I added two more fingers into Molly's hole. I started to get faster and faster. Soon Molly was moaning loudly and she couldn't stop. Then the floodgates opened and she came over and over. While she came I kept pumping harder each time my fingers thrust into her.
Finally we pulled into my driveway and Molly couldn't take it anymore she had come about 10 times within 30 min. Once I parked I wanted to taste her sweet juices. I propped her up against the window and spread her legs and started to lap up all the richness. I spread her lips once again and sucked on her swollen lips and then shoved my tongue up her twat. Molly wrapped her legs around my head and pushed me into her. Molly started to cum in wave after wave. It was if she had never cum before.
Finally I pulled away from her and I had a doughnut of cum circling my mouth. Molly pulled my mouth to hers and liked her cum off of my mouth in long slow strokes of her tongue. Molly whispered into my ear "Wait until it's your turn."

“Nothing,” said Brenda curtly and turned her attention to her wine glass. Bridget shrugged. Oblivious to this conversation, Richie Golding felt his hand swatted away from what he thought was Brenda’s upper thigh. He started. “Richie, what are you doing?” the twin said under her breath, turning towards him. “Sorry, Brenda. I thought...” “Brenda? I’m Bridget. She’s Brenda,” Bridget whispered harshly. “Yes?” Brenda replied, turning towards them. “Nothing,” said Bridget. Brenda’s eyes narrowed.
Richie groaned. He wasn’t even drunk yet, and he couldn’t keep track of who was who. It was going to be a long night. *** Tina pleasurably squirmed under Bruce as amateurs teens nudist he pushed into her with swift, fluid glides, her tight nude body rubbing against his own. He amateurs teens nudist plunged his hands into her cute blonde curls and felt her own fingers digging into the flesh of his amateurs teens nudist ass, desperately pulling him deeper inside of her moist pussy. She uttered her approval of Bruce’s thrusts with soft, throaty moans, her eyes rolling amateurs teens nudist back into her head.
“Oh, baby. I’ve wanted this for so long,” she whispered and sighed as a bolt of pleasure plowed through her stomach. It was true; she had fantasized about Bruce’s athletic body on top of her own for some time. Bruce’s eyes were clenched tight as he concentrated hard, keeping himself from cumming; Tina was so tight and felt so good, it was an effort to hold himself together.
He knew better than to look into her sparkling blue eyes or at her pert bouncing breasts or he would just loose it.