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Friday, March 10, 2006


He poured the coffee. It was thick, black and Brazilian, smiling, he reflected that so was he! Turning he grinned at his wife, Lucia. She winked as her strong, even teeth bit into the slice of melon she'd just peeled.
"Jose! Good morning, Baby," she rolled the fruit into her cheek, "After you have breakfast could you fix that damned gate? It's been halfway off its hinges for two weeks now." He turned and looked out the window. Sure enough, the gate in question was dragging in the sand, obviously in need of repair.
"Yeah my sexy mama, I'll fix that up today. Don't worry about it anymore." He took a sip of coffee. "What time do you think ole Doc James will shut down the office today?" he put his cup down and pulled her to him, "I've got something else that's hangin' and in need of attention!" Jose bumped his semi-hard cock against her slightly rounded tummy.
Lucia chuckled and reached inside his bathrobe, "You'll have to wait to have that anaconda laid to rest," she inhaled between her teeth when her touch met his sparse and kinky pubes. She grasped him in her fingers and ran her hand out to the tip of his growing hardon, "Damn, Baby! I gotta get goin' or I'll be late!"
She reached up and gave Jose a loving kiss before she pushed off him and grabbed her purse. As she pulled the door closed, she paused, "I'll be home after four o'clock, Baby. I'll call you if I'm gonna work overtime!"
He picked up his coffee and chose a bit of the melon to take out onto the patio. He looked out over the bay and breathed deeply. It was probably going to rain this afternoon. The clouds were building in the north. He finished his food and leaving his cup on the railing he went through the broken gate to the shore.
Jose flexed inside his light, linen bathrobe and untied the sash, it fell to the ground revealing his fine physique and smooth, dark skin. He strode into the calm water, nude, ready for his morning swim. The water refreshed him. After about 20 minutes, he swam towards shore. He stood in chest-deep water and looked up at his house.
"Now who is that?" he wondered as he watched a form in a flowered sundress shake out a blanket. She was just outside his property line but he was sure he could get her to go settle elsewhere. The last thing he wanted was to have a party of strangers picnicking, virtually on his doorstep, especially while he was fixing that bloody gate.
He swam shoreward until he could comfortable wade in. Only stopping long enough to scoop up the robe and dry his face on it. He moved up the beach as he pulled on his robe. He was just tying the belt when he stopped at the edge of the woman's blanket. She was a petite brunette, with long straight hair and looked up into his face and winsomely smiled as she straightened.
Warily, studying her eyes, Jose leaned forward, "And who might you be?" he puzzled.
She tipped her head and gazed at him. She opened her mouth and spoke some words in a language he didn't understand. Her words were riddled with endings of "-iski and yankin' off" so Jose surmised she was Russian or eastern European.
"Wonderful," he said, "But... What's your name?" He tried in English.
She gestured expansively at the garden and spun around. She pointed at the yacht far out in the bay and Jose surmised that she was going to be waiting for them to come in. "Suit yourself about waiting, but do it in the park!" he pointed forcefully in the direction of the funny totem he and Lucia had picked up on their honeymoon, "I'm just gonna get my tools to sort out this gate." Jose spun and walked into the house.
Jesus! What was he thinking? As he'd spoke with the beautiful stranger, he'd had the worst time on Earth trying not to stare down into her tanned cleavage. She was in such sharp contrast to Lucia in form and color, a true novelty to look at that he could hardly keep his eyes off her.
He walked to his bedroom and chose a pair of baggy, cotton shorts. He decided to go shirtless since it was cloudy and the humidity was climbing steadily. He went into the pantry and grabbed his tools and a handful of screws.
Jose busied himself with plugging the oversized screw holes and reattaching the hinges, tightly, to the gate. He swung it to and fro a couple of times pleased with his handiwork. He looked up, smiling his accomplishment and almost fell over!
She'd moved silently onto the rock that formed the decorative/eclectic mix of materials that formed his fence. Even more surprising than what she slipped on, was what she'd slipped out of. He glanced to where she'd placed her blanket and saw the piled flowered dress in the middle of it.
Her nude form was as elegant as any bronze figurine he could think of. Her breasts were amazing in their youthful perkiness and he couldn't look away as her nipples changed texture while his regard stroked them.
She unabashedly held her legs open and reached to spread her pussy lips. Her clit was a beautiful, meaty bundle of tactile nerves. He licked his lips and imagined sucking her frilly petals into his mouth, tugging and stretching before releasing them. They were so swollen and thick! His cock leapt at the idea.
She pointed at the screwdriver on the top of his box and then at his crotch. Smiling she twisted her wrist in front of that beautiful mystery, as if she were driving in a screw. Jose flashed his white teeth eagerly back at her and licked his lips. He pointed at the screwdriver and then cupped his crotch.
Her pupils dilated as her finger flicked over her swelling clit. She opened her lips and mewed softly, "Nraa-veetsa." She raised her left hand beseechingly.
"Oh gawd, lady don't do that to me." Jose's cock was throbbing as he took in the sight of her, splayed and welcoming.
She murmured the words again and he could no longer resist. He twined his big hand with hers and pulled himself down to the soft sand between her knees. The hot scent of this foreign young lady was so sweet and musky as he leaned his face in. He kissed her wet opening and heard her gasp at the contact. His tongue delved into her slit and soon there was no need for words. They finally had found a language they both spoke fluently. He teased her. His mouth did everything her body seemed to be telling him to.
As her opening gripped around his tongue he heard her growl, "Min ya preeyezd ne!" and she released more of her honey against his lips. He slid a finger inside and she threw her head back and groaned. Jose smiled against her as he tweaked her nipple, he'd never foreseen it; one hand finger fucking his little Anastasia, he'd began to think of her as a Russian princess; the other fondling her firm, little breasts.
Jose moved back and straightened his spine. His tongue swiped over his full lips where her taste lingered. With smooth deliberate movements he opened the fly of his shorts. He watched 'Anastasia's' face as he released his fully erect cock. He heard her mutter, "Ooh, da. Da!"
He stood up proudly and let the shorts fall to his feet. She stood and placed her hand on his chest. The big Brazilian looked down, the contrast of her tanned skin against his very black body looked amazing. He wanted to watch his cock disappear inside all that pale, pink pussy.
He lifted her up against his chest and spun to sit down on the rock. Her feet braced her as she leaned away from him, rising up until the tip of his cock nestled between her folds at her entrance. She shuddered as she moved her hips toward him, a fraction of his length moving into where he so wanted to be.
She raised her eyes to his and smiled. He knew she must be marveling at the sight and the feeling of their fuck, just as he was. Jose grabbed her hips and pulled her slowly onto him, giving them both time to look down and see her clit meet his pubic mound.
'Anastasia' wrapped her legs around Jose. She did something with her muscles inside that had him a trembling mess. He began to fuck her. He lifted her up, his cock feeling the cool breezes as he was exposed. He pulled her back against him, her wet sleeve almost scalding with its heat.
Over and over he moved her. She was panting. Her moans were so musical to his ears. Too soon, it seemed, she tensed and growled the phrase out before. He could feel his orgasm building and stopped their movements. He sucked her nipple into his mouth and looked up into her dark eyes.
She babbled some more to him and squirmed up off his cock, making him moan. She kneeled at his feet as he had knelt at hers previously. Her little hand wrapped around him and he hissed, "Yesss!" appreciatively as her mouth descended over his glans. Jose could feel her sucking him. She didn't need to be told to suck it hard, she just did. 'Anastasia's' fist pumped his black shaft while her lips siphoned at the throbbing head of his cock.
"Oh! Baby! Here it comes!" Jose's toes curled in the fine white sand as she pulled his dick. He tangled his fingers in her hair and held her face tight to his cock, flexing his ass as she swallowed great gouts of his spending.
He shuddered as her fist and lips stripped the last vestiges of his semen from deep inside his cock. She licked her lips clean of all the milky fluids and uttering the first understandable sounds he'd heard her make, "Yum!"
Jose leaned down and kissed her smiling lips, licking at their up tilted wetness, "Yum! Indeed!"